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New owner Boohoo looks to resurrect Debenhams with rekindled high street presence


Debenhams fell on hard times in recent years and last month it closed the doors of its final stores for the last time.

The 243-year-old department store chain was bought by online retailer Boohoo who lowballed the company’s owners with an offer of £55 million, buying only the company name and e-commerce rights and not Debenhams’ remaining brick-and-mortar stores which were all left to close, meaning thousands of lost jobs.

Now, however, Boohoo has teased that there could yet be life in the old dog as it ponders the opening of a lone Debenhams store.

Boohoo Group chief executive, John Lyttle, told the Times that some brands will not work with Debenhams if it is an online-only business.

This has led Boohoo Group to consider a single, small Debenhams shop which would not be situated in the English capital.

This marks a quick 180 for Debenhams after a spokesperson said in early May this year: “We are now heading into the final days of our closing down sale and this is the very last chance for our customers to take advantage of some incredible deals.

“Over the next 10 days, Debenhams will close its doors on the high street for the final time in its 242-year history.

“Our sincere thanks go out to all of our colleagues and customers who have joined us on this journey. We hope to see you all one last time in stores before we say a final goodbye to the UK high street.”

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