By Stacey Hailes in Thailand

The opening of a new Pandora factory in Thailand is the cornerstone to the jewellery giant’s plans to double its shipment capacity, executives of the firm said yesterday.

The project also includes building a new crafting facility in Gemopolis near Bangkok, and optimising Pandora’s existing factories in the same area.


Pandora’s senior vice president, Thomas Touborg, said this project could lead to the brand shipping more than 200 million pieces from Thailand by the end of 2019.

He declared: “The programme itself is based on the very fact of Pandora being handcrafted jewellery that is affordable across the number of products that we produce. We wanted to take that ethos and mature and strengthen it, and combine it with modern technology, to deliver faster delivery times. So at these facilities we’ve been able to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques and it’s a really strong set-up.”

By 2018 Pandora plans to cut its delivery time to three weeks. At the moment its currently at six weeks.

Stacey Pandora
PJ editor Stacey Hailes tries her hand at enameling a ring at the new Pandora factory in Thailand.

The new facility incorporates LEAN manufacturing principles to ensure the brand can scale up production quickly to produce high-demand products, without compromising quality.

A single crafting line from start to finish spreads across one floor, using flow principles and semi-automation to reduce lead times by up to 50%.

This makes it ideal for the brand’s more time consuming products and enables Pandora to keep producing high quality items at affordable prices.

CEO, Anders Colding Friis, added: “This factory plays an important role in Pandora’s future. We need to be agile and flexible and this new factory will provide this service. We are one of the most loved brands and it’s a true statement to our future.”