Male jeweler evaluating ring in workshop, closeup

The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has announced the launch of a new practical valuation qualification in partnership with external awarding body Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE).

The ATHE Level 3 JET Certificate in the Foundations of Appraisal Practice (FoAP) qualification teaches the basic theories, methodologies and good working practices needed to become a competent valuer.

The qualification supersedes the NAJ’s existing Certificate of Appraisal Theory, and includes a number of updates to that course.


One of the most significant additions to the course, the association said, is a three-day practical workshop, enabling students to get hands-on experience and apply their new knowledge.

Registered as a level 3 in terms of the ‘stretch and challenge’ the qualification demands, FoAP has been reviewed to have a similar level of challenge to an A-Level.

With the first intake starting in September, head of education Marie Garnett said: “Being able to publish the qualification to the trade, with the external awarding body ATHE in place is a fantastic feeling. A small group of Fellows of the Institute of Registered Valuers have worked on this programme to make it the best it possibly can be, and we’re delighted to be presenting it to the trade now.

“We’ve kept in place the same modular structure, and the content still covers different valuation approaches, market levels and analysing prices to determine value, but the practical element really makes this qualification more rounded allowing the learner to really apply their knowledge.”

A minimum of three years trade experience is required to take the qualification, and the NAJ said it is recommended that applicants have a gemmological and/or diamond qualification or equivalent experience in place before applying.