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New president elected for French jewellery union

Frederic Mathon ex-president of UFBJOP with Daniel Cambour.

Cambour previously acted vice-president in schools attached to UFBJOP.

Daniel Cambour was elected President of the French Union of Jewellery, High Jewellery, Silverware, Stones and Pearls (UFBJOP) at a board meeting held on May 24.

After spending three years with the Compagnie Nationale d’Aménagement for the Bas-Languedoc region in 1974, Cambour joined two family jewellery making businesses Scao/Sib and Cambour, before taking over from his father as chairman of the Cambour Group in 1976. He was then appointed chairman of the supervisory board in 2009.

Cambour also carried out various tasks within the UFBJOP and was vice-president of the schools attached to the union.

Cambour holds the usage rights for the collective brand Joaillerie de France and has been awarded the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) which is given to French companies with rare or ancestral know-how based on skill in traditional or high tech techniques.


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