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New Robinson Pelham service helps men choose the right jewellery for loved ones this Christmas


A new service from jewellery brand Robinson Pelham has launched with the aim of helping men choose the right piece of jewellery for their loved ones this Christmas.

The new jewellery concierge service is intended to help men buy a piece that will be treasured rather than returned to the shop.

The service is available via a one-to-one meeting in Robinson Pelham’s Chelsea boutique and also remotely via phone or Zoom.

It was borne out of something Robinson Pelham has been doing informally for customers for years past.

The brand reports that one customer in particular inspired them to make this service official as he comes in every year to hear the staff’s recommendations on gift-giving.

Zoe Benyon, co-founder of Robinson Pelham, said: “The team at Robinson Pelham has pretty much spent their life in jewellery, their whole life understanding the role jewellery can play in someone’s life and, by virtue, they understand what women want and can help guide the men in their life accordingly without making terrible mistakes at special times and especially at Christmas.

“Listening is key, understanding reactions, finding out about lifestyle, character and priorities and what’s important to the gift-buyer and also wearer is all part of the service. We do it year in, year out, and especially during gifting moments.”


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