New service aims to ease Chinese sourcing problems

Jewellery companies offered local support to help manage contracts.

British Jewellery & Giftware International has launched a new service designed to help UK companies source products and components more effectively from China.

The initiative — called Your Office in China — offers companies the opportunity to have people on the ground in China working on their behalf.

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Mike Josypenko, international service manager for the BJGI, revealed details of the service at last week’s GA meeting.

He told attendees: “The service and the partners will act as your ears and eyes on the ground in China and provide a link between you and suppliers. Your Office in China will offer a support package enabling businesses to work with existing or new suppliers.

“I am sure that those of you who do import from China are familiar with problems such as delivery delays, finding reliable suppliers, inconsistent product quality and the difficulty in solving problems when they arise,” he added.

According to Josypenko, many UK jewellers and jewellery wholesalers face language and cultural challenges when communicating with suppliers in China, which can be both time consuming and expensive.

“Quite often when you are dealing with a supplier you may think you are offering the full specification for what you want, but it may not seem like it to the Chinese,” he said. “And because they may not understand English very well they are scared to query detail and get along the best they can, which leaves the door open for problems to occur.”

The services offered by Your Office in China are designed to address such issues and a flexible approach means they can be personalised to suit individual clients.

Multilingual staff members are able to arrange visits to source products and inspect and audit suppliers, while the service can also help with obtaining and assessing samples and setting up effective contracts, managing order flow and dealing with production and quality issues.

“Most importantly, we act only on your behalf. We have no third party agreements or arrangements with any suppliers and our simple fee structure makes your life easier,” concluded Josypenko.





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