New website unveiled for AnchorCert Gem Lab

Assay Office Birmingham has launched a new website offering jewellery manufacturers and distributors independent and authoritative precious gemstone testing and grading.

The new website is dedicated to the AnchorCert Gem Laboratory and designed to promote testing and stone grading services to the UK and international jewellery trades. The site offers simple, relevant information tailored to those in the jewellery trade seeking independent white diamond, coloured diamond, gemstone and pearl reports.

Following the rise in concerns about synthetic diamonds filtering into the global diamond market, AnchorCert Gem Lab offers an assurance to clients that each stone passing through the lab is tested by expert gemmologists and graders to confirm exactly what it is and whether it has undergone any treatments or enhancements.

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Assay Office Birmingham believes seeks to grow its coloured diamond and coloured gemstone reports service through the new website.

Marion Wilson, Assay Office Birmingham sales and marketing director,commented: “The AnchorCert Gem Lab is truly independent in its services offered, led by experts in their field. It stands alone as a leading testing and grading centre for diamonds, gemstones and pearls in the UK.

“All of AnchorCert Gem Lab’s services take place in Birmingham’s historical Jewellery Quarter, making the service convenient and easy for UK customers to use.

Wilson adds: “Retailers and independent customers have the utmost trust and confidence in AnchorCert Gem Lab reports and can be sure of a rapid turn round with friendly staff on hand if they have any questions.”

Launched to coincide with the upcoming move of the Assay Office Birmingham to a new facility in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, the AnchorCert Gem Lab site also has several new features.

A digital order form has been created for stone grading reports, enabling clients to submit a form online in advance of sending a stone or piece of jewellery to AnchorCert for grading, notifying AnchorCert’s gemmologists of what is coming in for testing.

Other new features include an online quotation form and an extensive Specialist Equipment section outlining the wealth of highly technical equipment used in the testing process.

The new site also promotes AnchorCert’s additional services, such as its laser inscription service for diamonds (allowing clients to engrave special words, dates or designs on the girdle of their diamond) and its Gemstone Carat Weight Estimator app.

Additionally, it also offers online glossaries for diamonds and gemstones and provides a ‘meet the experts’ area, where visitors can find more in-depth articles on gemmological issues.

The free-to-use AnchorCert download centre is another client-focused feature, providing downloads for all of the necessary forms for hallmarking and stone grading, as well as gemstone and hallmarking factsheets for clients.



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