New York jewellery brand opens multimillion-pound London flagship


International diamond jewellery brand Samer Halimeh NY has opened the doors to its new global flagship store in the heart of London’s luxury retail district.

The result of a two year construction programme costing over £10 million pounds, the new 3,000 sqft (279 sqm) global flagship store located at 161 Knightsbridge will showcase the brand’s diamond jewellery collection over the ground and first floor. The space is also complete with a basement vault housing priceless jewellery, raw diamonds and other precious gems.

To create “London’s most luxurious” jewellery boutique Samer Halimeh NY worked alongside luxury construction specialist DMG Design & Development Ltd and Paris interior designer and artist Caroline Perrin of AC Matiere.

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The boutique design fuses Manhattan contemporary style and British traditional architecture. The Nero high-gloss and glass facades are created from anti-ram steel and reinforced concrete faced with black polished stone, with picture windows made from 30mm bullet-proof glass dressed with display cases, trellis screens and California custom-made weaved steel curtains.

Inside the brand’s jewellery collection is showcased in bespoke glass, steel and marble display cases made in Milan.

The jewellery collection is illuminated by LED display and ceiling lighting and a custom-made chandelier above the ground floor crafted from 600 pieces of handmade Bohemian crystal, with another chandelier on the upper floor created from 300 pieces of stunning crystal. The chandeliers are designed to echo the clouds that hover over Africa where diamonds are found.

The retail floors are connected by a spiral staircase crafted from steel and curved glass, inspired by the contours of a diamond drill.

On the first floor, hand-crafted double doors crafted from African wood lead into the boutique’s VIP client suite complete with custom-made desk and furniture. In the suite VIP clients can view finished jewellery and review loose precious stones used to create unique pieces. The VIP suite opens onto a timber decked drinks and cigar terrace whose main feature is a striking Rhino Sospeso sculpture made by leading Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri.

Samer Halimeh, founder and chief executive of Samer Halmeh NY, comments: “We are delighted to announce details of our global flagship store at 161 Knightsbridge in the heart of London’s premier retail district. The boutique allows new customers and existing clients to view our beautiful finished jewellery collection; discuss bespoke pieces or have heirloom pieces refashioned in new totally one-a-kind settings.”

Halimeh continues: “Our brand has an existing presence on Fifth Avenue in New York and boutiques in Riyadh and Kuala Lumpur, but our new London flagship store enables us to showcase our complete collection. We chose London because it is a premier world-city which serves as a hub for Europe, Scandinavia and Russia/CIS and benefits from luxury brand shoppers from the Middle East, India and Africa.”

Established in 1999 in the USA, Samer Halimeh NY is a diamond jewellery business which deals exclusively in certified diamonds all sourced directly from local mines in South Africa, with pieces cut and handcrafted in New York. The brand specialises in coloured and rare diamonds such as pink, blue and yellow, ranging from D Flawless to GH VS stones.

Samer Halimeh NY provides clients with finished jewellery; bespoke pieces that take up to four to six weeks to make; refashioned heirloom pieces made into new settings; and rare diamonds purchased by discerning collectors.

Prices for Samer Halimeh NY diamond jewellery range from £5,000 up to millions of pounds for bespoke pieces which use rare diamonds.

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