Friday, September 24, 2021
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A dozen die after Angolan Alrosa diamond mine leak leaves ‘dead...

A minister from the Democratic Republic of Congo has claimed the country will sue after 12 deaths and 4,500 sick were reported

Knives Out star Ana de Armas returns for second Natural Diamond...

De Armas is scheduled to appear in the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die which is due for release later this month

GALLERY: Global jewellery industry rejoices as businesses reunite at Vicenzaoro 2021

The five-day show marked the first large-scale international event in the jewellery calendar since the pandemic and comes to a close today

Diamond prices hang in the balance as trading slows

While Rapaport showed that diamond prices were 'stable' in August the market could go one of two ways in the coming weeks

Diamond Cutters International unveils ‘world’s finest’ pink, red and violet diamonds

Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine closed last year creating an increase in demand and a spike in prices for its famous coloured stones

One in every 1,000 diamond miners injured annually, claims lab-grown manufacturer

Claim comes as part of an infographic from comparing lab-grown diamonds favourably to their mined counterparts

De Beers and partners fund half a million Covid vaccines for...

De Beers and two subsidiary companies jointly owned by Botswanan government funded 40% of the cost of the 500,000 vaccines doses

Catch up on Natural Diamond Council’s latest virtual diamond festival

Bulgari jewellery creative director Lucy Silvestri was top of the bill at the two-day event in partnership with Vogue India

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Tiffany & Co campaign backfires over blood diamond...

Singer is 'disappointed and angry' she was not informed of the Tiffany Diamond's history, an anonymous source told The Sun newspaper

De Beers to encourage customers to play ‘an active role’ in...

De Beers has also combined the marketing budgets for De Beers Jewellers, De Beers Forevermark and De Beers Group in a new move for the company