Wylde Flower Diamond has 32 extra facets in floral presentation.

Southwest jeweller Nicholas Wylde has launched its own range of specially cut diamonds called the Wylde Flower Diamond.

The diamonds, which are cut in Antwerp, have 32 more facets than a traditional round brilliant that the jeweller claims delivers extra sparkle. The diamonds are all certified by the International Gemmological Institute.


The cuts have been arranged to create a floral design befitting of the stone’s name. Owner Nicholas Wylde said he has focused on this design as “flowers and diamonds are the ultimate symbols of love”.

Nicholas Wylde has created a range of rings specifically for the Wylde Flower Diamonds, called The Petal, with a second range called The Flower to follow next month that will comprise matching pendants and earrings.

As a sales promotion, any customer that buys a piece of jewellery with a Wylde Flower Diamond will be given a voucher that entitles them to a free bouquet of flowers.

Nicholas Wylde has stores in Bath and Bristol and celebrated its 25th anniversary last month.