Independent jewellery retailer Nicholas Wylde has began the search to find the ‘face of the store’.

The jeweller is calling all aspiring models and “jewellery loving ladies” over the age of 20 to apply for the job.

The successful candidate will become the store’s ‘Queen of the Wylde’ for 12 months, and will appear as the model for the store’s new brochure and subsequent advertismenets, wearing Nicholas Wylde’s unique jewels.


Nicholuas Wylde says the store’s main criteria is to find someone who loves jewellery and is happy to be photographed. No previous modelling experienced is needed.

In addition to becoming Queen of the Wylde, the winner of the search will be treated to a bed and breakfast overnight stay in Bath, a choice of a piece of Nicholas Wylde jewellery worth £500 and a personal photo shoot with prints.

This year marks the independent jewellers 30th anniversary. Nicholas Wylde has used the milestone to launch several initiatives in Bath and create a buzz around the brand.