The DXL GoldPro offers fast testing for retailers and pawnbrokers.

Niton UK has launched a new countertop device that offers fast testing for precious metal jewellery, something it has designed specifically for retail environments.

The Thermo Scientific Niton DXL GoldPro is a non-destructive testing unit for gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals that aims to offer pawnbrokers, jewellers and other businesses in the precious metals sector rapid, accurate identification and analysis of jewellery, trinkets and coins.


The battery-operated DXL GoldPro analyser tests the purity of gold and other precious metals and features a closed-beam design that prevents x-ray exposure to customers and operators. It has also been designed with a window that allows customers to see items undergoing analysis, and can also detect if an item if gold plated.

Results are displayed on a colour, touch-screen display and tailored certificates of authenticity can be printed as required.

Michael Sibbald, sales and marketing director at Niton UK said: “The new DXL GoldPro is quick and easy to use, giving immediate results on the full colour touch screen. It saves time and money plus delivers a real competitive edge for retailers.”