B2B diamond buying platform Nivoda has expanded its product offering by releasing an app on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

The app has been designed to deliver Nivoda’s versatility to allow users to benefit from its efficient logistics solution on the go.

Being able to stay connected with push notifications and live order updates makes the sourcing process more transparent for retailers and allows them to focus on growing sales while Nivoda handles the supply chain.


Nivoda has also released its lab-grown diamond search as the market continues to see an uptrend in purchases. With increased demand for lab-grown diamonds, Nivoda’s offering now allows retailers to buy all their diamonds in one place.

It is the platform’s mission to create a single marketplace catering to all buyer needs, and lab-grown is the first step in product line expansion.

Nivoda chief executive, David Sutton, is quoted as saying: “Our main goal at Nivoda is to make our customers win in the market. We innovate to lower prices and continue to expand the vast selection of goods on the platform. We work to make our customers more profitable, more competitive and more likely to win sales.

“As part of having the right stock at the right price for every request, we have launched lab-grown diamonds on the platform. We will continue to bring onboard new lab-grown diamond suppliers every day to offer businesses access to the world’s lab-grown diamond supply.

“As with natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also delivered by Nivoda – the jewellery industry’s most cost-effective delivery network.”

As the market continues its rebound, Nivoda has seen accelerating growth and looks to continue to deliver to its global customer base.

Nivoda is facilitating companies to adapt to market trends, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve while the industry enters the busy season.