Timepieces coated with white varnish which wears to reveal gold watch.

Nixon has unveiled new additions to the clean lines and monochromatic looks of its Milk Collection, part of Nixon’s Chromacoat story.

All watches in the Milk Collection has a rich, white top colour that wears with age to reveal a unique gold layer undercoat. This unique and advanced varnish, deemed Chromacoat, is applied as a layer on top of the steel IP plating.

The collection is designed to age with the owner, as day-to-day wear will slowly wear away the varnish, as a way of showing the owner what a life well lived looks like, creating a completely individual and custom version of the watch.


Nixon first launched the concept in 2010 with Drab, a gray top colorway which wore away to reveal a dark, gloss metal. This was followed by Gunship, a steel blue top color that wore to matte steel, and a collection called Sunkissed Sea, a washed teal colorway that revealed a shiny stainless steel.