Independent jewellers in Lancaster have boxed out future competitors by collectively fulfilling every customer’s needs.

The city’s jewellery offering, which includes high-end Banks Lyon, family-owned Firths, fashion jewellers Silver Tree and Down to Earth, manages to target a different selection of customers.

On Professional Jeweller’s recent trip for its monthly cityscape, it was apparent that while it is possible for the stores to co-exist without treading on each other’s toes, it would be difficult for a new jeweller to fit into the scene.


For Oliver and Hannah Gibson, the husband and wife duo spearheading award-winning fashion jewellery store Silver Tree, the jewellers in Lancaster have cracked the formula.

Hannah Gibson explained: “We’re all very different, worlds apart really. A lot of shops have come and gone very quickly, people have tried but there are already shops doing what there is to be done. There’s nowhere for new comers to arrive and fit in.”

As well as the current array of jewellers fulfilling every jewellery need, new jewellers would also struggle to compete due to the existing jewellery offering’s reputation.

Each of the jewellers that PJ visited in Lancaster have weathered at least 30 years in the historic city and have built up loyal customer bases.

Over the last ten years a number of jewellers have made a bid to enter Lancaster’s jewellery scene but have found out the hard way that it is near impossible in the small city with five independent jewellers with a minimum of three decades under their belts.