Ballet Charm Bracelet by Azendi

Azendi takes inspiration from the NBT for new charm collection

The Northern Ballet Theatre (NBT) and Azendi joined forces earlier this year, recognising major similarities between their organisations. After having seen a number of NBT performances, Azendi’s designer Kasun Ekanayake was inspired to create the collection of sterling silver charms.

Ekanayake said: “Watching NBT perform, it became clear straight away that ballet could be a great source of inspiration. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of both organisations, both taking ideas from the classical and the contemporary. I feel the charms are the perfect embodiment of the beauty and grace, the musicality and the creativity of what I saw in NBT performances.”


Each charm has been crafted to represent a different aspect of the ballet experience. The collection takes inspiration from the music through its musical clef and grand piano pieces; from the clothes the dancers wear in its ballerina’s tutu, dress and pointe shoe charms, and from the stories told by the ballet itself with a choice of comedy and tragedy masks.

Prices range from £25 to £45 for each charm. 20% of each sale will go towards NBT, to help support their new centre of dance excellence at Quarry Hill opening later this year.