A family-run jewellery retailer in Nottingham has announced it will open a second city centre-based store after 40 years or business.

The Price family, which manages Pelham Street’s  Michael Levins Jewellers, has taken over a unit previously owned by fellow jewellers Hallams Fine Jewellery.

The business, which began trading in its new location last week, is celebrating its 40 years of business.


Grenville Price, owner of the business, told the Nottingham Post: “We were always looking for a second shop and the opportunity came up for this place, where we could see its potential.

“We wanted an art deco feel to it – everything from the chandelier to the tables reflects that – and like to think it’s more quirky and unique. We want to keep the same family-friendly feel rather than the multiple image.”

The new retail venue employs ten members of staff, including three from the now closed Hallam store and an in-store goldsmith.