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Olivia Burton teams up with one of the nation’s favourite chocolate tins


British lifestyle brand Olivia Burton has teamed up with Cadbury Roses this Christmas.

Brought together by a joint love for flowers and the importance of taking time to give thanks – the collaboration will see customers be able to purchase a limited edition tin and watches inspired by the iconic Cadbury Roses aesthetic.

Tins of the Christmas chocolates have been designed by the Olivia Burton team in London, led by co-founder Jemma Fennings. The design features hand-painted roses and the brand’s iconic butterfly.

Fennings says gratitude is at the heart of the collaboration.

She shares: “Gratitude is so important & we hope it inspires the nation to take time to give thanks to each other. It’s all too easy to overlook the every day people who make our lives all the sweeter. This is such a perfect way to say thank you – whether it’s the postman, the babysitter or the neighbour who signs for your parcels”

The co-founder also reveals that the brand couldn’t resist the opportunity to nod to the tins in a limited edition watch design.

To celebrate the partnership, Olivia Burton has designed a timepiece featuring the iconic tin design.

The 30mm midi dial features the same distinctive red roses and iconic butterflies, capturing a blend of both brands.

“For us, this watch acts as the perfect reminder to take time out of our busy days to be thankful,” she shares.



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