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One in every 1,000 diamond miners injured annually, claims lab-grown manufacturer


Lab-grown diamond manufacturer and wholesaler LooseGrownDiamond.com has released an infographic which takes aim at the natural diamond industry, comparing the products and processes of the two arms of the same industry.

The infographic emphasises that the final products – mined and lab-grown stones – are identical in all but the way they were produced.

“A lab-created diamond is a diamond made of the same material as natural diamonds: pure carbon, crystallized in an isotropic 3D form,” the infographic reads.

It then begins to take shots at the mined diamond industry, however, listing the upsides to the production of lab-grown gems.

Whereas 1ct of mined diamonds disrupt nearly 100sq. ft. of land and produce 6000lbs of mineral waste, LooseGrownDiamond.com’s data suggests, lab-grown diamonds disrupts only 0.07sq. ft. of land and produces 1lb of mineral waste, meaning a significantly reduced impact on the environment.

Next the infographic claims that the production of lab-grown diamonds results in no injuries to workers, whereas diamond mining sees one worker per 1,000 injured annually.

It also notes that lab-grown diamonds, as well as being more ethical and environmentally friendly, are 40-50% cheaper.

The full infographic can be seen below:

Professional Jeweller has reached out to LooseGrownDiamond.com for clarification of where it got its data from, but has so far received no response.


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