One in seven reported to have no need for a watch


Is time of the essence for the watch in the face of new technology?

A report from analyst Mintel has claimed that one in seven of us no longer have a reason to wear a watch, leading to speculation that the time old timepiece could get left behind in the modern era.

The report attributes the rising number of "time-telling gadgets" that are now available to the assumed decline in use of the more traditional wristwatch. Items such as mobile phones, iPads and laptops are being labelled as the main contenders to the watch after a survey by market researchers Mintel said people relied on their mobile or PC, rather than a watch, to tell the time.

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Tamara Sender of Mintel said: “Many consumers have grown up with technology and are just as likely to associate the notion of checking the time with a mobile handset as with a watch. As they grow older this mindset will accompany them.”

Despite the supposedly bleak findings the report also shows that 86 percent of us still own a watch even though more than nine in ten own a mobile phone. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom as the survey also seems to indicate that watches will not die out but that they will simply become a fashion item instead.

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