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Online diamond jeweller strengthens business with revamped showroom


Online jeweller Serendipity Diamonds has relocated its UK showroom to make it more accessible.

The new store, located in Ryde on the Isle of Wight is the latest development after more than a decade selling diamond jewellery online to a global client base serving the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Started in 2007, the online diamond jeweller opened its first showroom in 2010, and has now relocated this boutique to a more prominent position on Ryde’s high street.

The revamped showroom takes a fresh approach to jewellery—merging the company’s online experience with a contemporary boutique environment.

“We’re very excited to make Serendipity Diamonds far more accessible to the public,” shares Mark Johnson, managing director and co-founder of Serendipity Diamonds.

“We now work directly alongside our visiting clients in the showroom itself. This means we are always on hand to give expert help, with access to jewellery, backed by our informative website.”

Serendipity Diamonds says the Isle of Wight has proven itself to be a “fantastic location” for couples getting engaged.

Clients visiting from further afield often combine a weekend break with a visit to choose their perfect ring. In addition, local couples no longer need to travel to Hatton Garden to buy a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

Visitors to Serendipity Diamonds have the opportunity to arrange a private appointment to browse jewellery. The retailer’s collections include engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, pendants and earrings. Working with responsibly sourced materials, the team at Serendipity Diamonds also offer many of their designs in 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold, combined with CanadaMark diamonds which are traceable back to the mine.

Much of the jewellery retailer’s work involves custom making highly personalised jewellery. One of their latest innovations allows clients to take their ECG readings and have an actual heartbeats engraved around their wedding rings.

“Our clients love personalising every aspect of their jewellery—from the design itself, to the diamond and precious metal,” remarks Drina Shephard, manager at Serendipity Diamonds.


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