Independent jewellery retailer Shining Diamonds has opened the doors to its first physical store.

Shining Diamonds started out as an online only retailer selling quality, yet low priced diamonds. However, the company decided to open a store as higher value customers prefer to view the diamonds and the jewellery they are buying.

Whilst the online market is growing for classic designs for lower to average budgets, Shining Diamonds felt they were missing the opportunity to serve customers who wanted to view the fine details of complex or bespoke designs, and shoppers wanting to experience the luxury service whilst buying an expensive item. Furthermore, the business felt customers prefer to see the sparkle of diamonds with their own eyes, and handpick them, rather than make these purchases online.


The jewellery retailer has chosen the coveted jewellery spot of Hatton Garden, London for its expansion into physical retail.

Shining Diamonds managing director, Harshit Jain, says: “Here at Shining Diamonds we’re so excited to be able to unveil our new store. There are many great opportunities for us in the pipeline. We plan to offer our online and walk-in customers a seamless and modern experience of buying diamond jewellery.

“Customers will soon be able to virtually try-on product designs that we may not have in stock. We’ll also offer an immediate bespoke design service by adding more staff that can handle the design process. As well as offering a maximum range of diamonds for customers to pick from, we aim to open in at least three more locations around the UK over the next five years.”

While Shining Diamonds hopes to open more stores in the future, it will also look to strengthen its online business.