Online jewellery sales sparkle for Argento despite Brexit fears


Jewellery retailer Argento has reported  a significant spike in online sales to non-EU countries since the Brexit result last June. 

Focusing on non-traditional markets in Asia such as China and Hong Kong, Argento has seen monthly sales increase, in some instances by 1,900 per cent  based on the same period from the previous year.

According to the retailer’s online marketing manager, Joseph Cushley, there have been several reasons for the increase. He explains: “Like many retailers we weren’t sure how the EU referendum result would impact on our business, but rather than see it as a challenge we embraced the opportunity.

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“We visited Hong Kong and Shanghai to meet new partners and glean insights into the tastes and trends. As a result, we are now working with affiliate marketing  agencies, content creators, and shopping apps across Asia.”

Cushley adds: “Our research within these markets has also inspired us to design some new collections which will not be available within the UK or Ireland.”

Argento optimised its website with bespoke country specific messages to make it more attractive for international shoppers due to their work with Belfast based e-commerce performance consultancy, Export Technologies. Export Technologies has transacted more than £1 billion online for UK and Irish companies on its own e-commerce platform, the IRP.

Being able to generate international traffic to its website and convert them into customers, as well as handling language and currencies helped sales considerably as shipping, currency and customs are the main blocks to sale in international markets.

Chris Mc McEldowney, the VP of client operations at Export Technologies comments: “Just as Argento’s experience shows, there is still an enormous opportunity for online retailers who adopt a global approach to e-commerce. With the right technology, strategy and market conditions in place, it is possible to sell anywhere the Brexit result did not change this.”


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