­­­It has been reported that high quality product photography can increase sales by up to 88%. Guest columnist Lucy Davies, professional product photographer and managing director of Summerleigh Photography, explains why more jewellers should be embracing pack shot photography…

A picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words.

In fact, when it comes to online and high street jewellery businesses, it’s worth its weight in gold, silver, diamonds and pearls.


First impressions during the online buying experience are key to increasing those ‘add to basket’ clicks. Your customer will make up their mind about a product within seconds – they either want to know more or they scroll straight past. Therefore, high quality product photography is a key conversion tool that is proven to increase not only your online sales, but your shop’s footfall as well.

If you’re a high street jeweller without a website, not only are you missing out on online sales – but more importantly you’re overlooking the opportunity to increase footfall on your high street. The window display in your shop undoubtedly looks stunning and will draw people in. But those customers have to be on your high street to start with.

In this visually empowering age having some sort of online presence is crucial – and to have an engaging digital shopfront, crisp and clear product photography is vital. Our relationship with jewellery is a visual love affair and the only way your customer can experience it before visiting you in person is through top quality images.

First impressions during the online buying experience are key to increasing ‘add to basket’ clicks. (Photography by Summerleigh Photography)

Product photography serves as those first impressions and it has been reported that more than half of customers think it more important than the products’ descriptions and even the reviews. They feel there is a direct link between the quality of photographs and the quality of the product.

Therefore, using poor quality photographs to represent your company is a bad idea. If the jewellery in your images are marred with bad reflections, poor lighting, smudges, blur, confusing framing or inaccurate colour then those products are not going to sell, and not only will you be doing yourself a disservice, but your high street too.

A fifth of all returns from online purchasing is because the item does not look like it did in the photograph and at Summerleigh Photography we work with our customers to reduce this number and increase sales.

Our product photographs capture the colour, clarity, shape and quality of your designs. With clean white backgrounds they can be used on websites, brochures and social media. Our pricing strategy has been designed to support high street and online jewellery designers with a simple and affordable flat rate fee with discounts for bulk ordering. Pricing for photography can be a perplexing maze of tiering and extras, such as retouching, effects, and clipping paths so we wanted to be as transparent and accessible as possible.

Your product photographs are your company’s ambassadors – digital representatives that act as the window to your store. You wouldn’t allow your shop window to lack lustre, so why allow it for the very face of your jewellery?