In an environment of fast paced fashion, how does the jewellery industry need to react to keep up?

Chris Colyer, vice president consumer goods & retail industry, Dassault Systèmes, reveals some answers…

While trends come, and go, it is the speed at which they do so that is taking jewellers by storm. They need to monitor changes in their consumers’ choices and respond fast with products that attract their attention and business. Development times need to be shorter, delivery times must shrink, and companies must hold their ground against rising competition.


From Idea to Design

Creating a positive emotional experience is the key to brand recognition and customer loyalty. Jewellers must collaborate with diverse communities to imagine and present multisensory, real-world experiences that reinforce brand promise and enrich purchasing, ownership and service experiences. This can be achieved through a universally accessible enterprise innovation platform that connects the enterprise with its customers. The social aspect of the platform builds communities and adds value to marketing campaigns by gathering trends, collecting peer review intelligence and capturing the ‘voice’ of the customer. This allows jewellers to become more agile and introduce innovative products in the knowledge that they will be desirable to the market.


It takes many experts and skilled people to create perfect jewellery. Cloud hosted online collaboration with internal and external value and supply chains helps reduce development times and production costs. If all stakeholders throughout the value chain are connected to, and work from, a single business platform this ensures end-to-end digital continuity and transparency. Online collaboration applications also help accelerate time-to-market and increase the number of collections and product lines thereby helping companies to stay ahead of competitors.

Envisaging the Experience

Today retailing is customer centric and omni-channel. Working in an immersive 3D environment, jewellers can easily adapt designs to accord with many product lines and local specifications. The technology then helps them to share these across a multi-channel environment.

The jewellery industry needs lifelike 3D visualizations for high-impact storytelling across all channels. Leveraging design, and other source data, through a unified platform approach, encourages the creative freedom to deliver emotional assets for digital, interactive marketing and enhanced sales reaching potential buyers with unique and compelling brand experiences.

Deploying a single business platform helps jewellery brands drive value and innovation across the entire product lifecycle from ideation to design simulation and from production to point of sale and beyond.