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OPINION: Experiential marketing should be on every jewellery brand’s agenda


Words by Ella Drake, UK country manager, Ro Copenhagen

It’s every company’s desire to create a seamless connection between their brand identity and their customers.

Like every other facet of modern life, marketing has evolved exponentially, creating new brand heroes and household names quicker than ever before. However, as this first blush of potential (brought about by nascent technology) fades, companies are left wondering how to reach and retain their new demographic of digital savvy consumers. It’s time for a re-think. This is why we at Ro Copenhagen have placed experiential marketing as a priority on our agenda.

To create significant, organic and long-lasting impressions in this digital age, we have chosen to focus on hosting a series of experiential events for our B2B and B2C clientele across 2019 and 2020. Real-world campaigns provide an opportunity to leave an impression, educate, and forge genuine relationships and compel consumers to find out more about the brand.

Ro is a Danish verb that translates in English to a state of calmness or feeling of serenity. Our aim is to convey this mood through our designs and brand identity: putting people first, aiming to delight, provoking aspirational thought, inspiring and motivating the overwhelming feeling of embracing and loving your true self.

At Ro Copenhagen, we have built our brand around that ethos, so befittingly, we’re continually creating environments that introduce ro to our customer base.

Recently we hosted an immersive getaway at a five-star luxury manor in Kent for a group of women to experience the ethos behind the Ro brand. Battel Hall is a magnificent 14th century hall-house, which forms part of the expansive grounds of the Leeds Castle Estate and was the perfect location for our Ro Summer Getaway.

The brand hosted its immersive summer getaway at a five-star luxury manor in Kent.

Lovingly restored and renovated to exquisite detail, we felt as a location, this was about as close to the embodiment of ro that you could find just a stone’s throw from Central London.

The ten women we invited to share in this experiential getaway were variously mothers, photographers, social media doyennes, foodies and above all, bona fide jewellery lovers. Guests were invited to relax at the sumptuous, wisteria-draped manor and to enjoy the pleasures of hideaway luxury. The goal: for them to find their state of ro away from children, work and the stress of everyday life. We hosted two small groups of five women across two nights of the summer solstice to keep the mood intimate and relaxed.

People simply love sharing their experiences. Think about the last time you went out for a memorable meal or visited a breath-taking venue to celebrate an occasion.

We go on to share joyful, thought-provoking and unusual experiences with family, friends, and colleagues; this is tried and true. The inherent appreciation that human beings have for experiences means that experiential marketing campaigns are more likely to spread themselves (go viral) and generate buzz. To get the best results from our Ro Summer Getaway, we needed to engage our audience in a way that felt free-flowing. For me, as the event host, it meant having one-on-one and group discussions with guests across the day and around the dinner table that were uncontrived, rather than presenting information to the group that was strictly product-based. Guests naturally asked questions and wanted to play with the jewellery, but this became secondary to the act of making new friends for the brand and having a great time.

One of the most invaluable moments of the getaway was asking participants to engage in a game version of exploring the Danish word hyyge (yes that indeterminate, nebula of a word that encapsulates comfort, cosiness and the root of why the Danes are among the happiest in the world). It wasn’t so much a game but more of a conversation starter, each game card posing provocative questions, which got everyone to open up about themselves and share a part of their own unique worldview.
Through our Ro Summer Getaway, guests were reminded of an approach to life that reflects our Ro Copenhagen manifesto:

The Ro Copenhagen Manifesto

The ro from within.
There is a little gem hidden in all women.
When you are young it’s well hidden,
but as you stumble and bumble through life it slowly reveals itself.
It doesn’t happen all at once,
but you can rest assured it lives within every woman.

It’s a state of mind, a simple feeling.
And yet there’s nothing simple about it.

This hidden gem is ro.
Some call it a sense of calmness, others a state of serenity.

It’s the feeling of being at ease.
It’s the feeling of having found yourself.
It’s the life after the “what if’s and the “should I’s”.
The life where you don’t sweat the small stuff.
It’s realising saying no to others is saying yes – to you.
It’s realising being you is actually the only suit you need in your closet.
It’s living by your own standards, your own rules.

So you let the rest run wild looking for the next big thing,
while you hand-pick the things that’ll make a difference in your life.
And holding on to the stuff that lasts.
Every breath of life leads towards your hidden gem.

So, what were the results of our getaway?

Our experiential campaign has given our customers and potential leads a chance to get to know us, to enjoy a Scandinavian-lead menu created by a local Kent chef, explore delicious wines and above all to understand deeply what it is that Ro stands for. Via Instagram exposure and word of mouth following the event, it’s meant that our guests have been able to test and review Ro Copenhagen pieces together and with their audiences. We’re building an affinity with our audience though being genuinely us — Ro Copenhagen.

Each guest received a surprise piece of jewellery after the event.

Three weeks’ post event, these are the key stats:

  • Ro increased its Instagram followers by several hundred in one day alone, and we had ten times more visitors to our website and social media channels across the getaway period
  • Increased sales in the UK through our web-shop and enquiries about our stockists across the UK
  • Our guests were given a jewellery gift, which was delivered as a surprise the week following our trip. By seeding this product on women who are in the public eye and influential within the industry, we expect that we will continue to reap rewards from forging new friendships and brand ambassadors
  • And perhaps most importantly, we’ve come away with some great new friends.

Experts say that experience is the only true differentiator for the modern age. In a world where loyalty is difficult to come by, customers will happily switch from one brand to the next with little consideration of price or product features.

In my eyes, the only way to ensure that your clients stick with you for as long as possible is to engage in authentic interactions and relationships with them — and to offer impeccable service, of course.

Photo credit: Oda B Eide


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