Words by Julien Riad Sahyoun, founder, JRS Jewellery

This is a very important moment within the jewellery industry as we have begun to notice a sea of change in purchasing habits, not only by men, but increasingly from the millennial generation.

It reflects a transformation of purchasing viewpoints, with many younger people recognising the importance of the planet and the necessity to respect ethical jewellery and products.


This same perspective also reflects upon their choice of jewellery, which over the years, has become less ostentatious, more organic, and, most importantly, reflects their own identities through messages. As such, it is no longer about, ‘was this piece made for me?’, but, ‘what does wearing this piece say about me?’

The unisex fashion trend has become topical in the past couple years. It was first picked up by the apparel labels where genderless clothing has become common on the runway and can be easily found in the stores of luxury and mainstream brands. Now we can see this trend in jewellery with more and more people buying gender neutral pieces.

Men are increasingly more engaged in wearing jewellery that takes them away from the traditional watch and cufflink wearing, and more towards rings and bracelets that express their personalities, while ladies certainly are not afraid to wear more statement designs.

Far from being plain or less ornate pieces, our clients request expressive and decorative pieces that may be formed of multi-coloured golds or perhaps very subtly pave set diamonds.

The core values of the JRS brand are unity, equality, acceptance of one another, and embracing our uniqueness, which sums up the ethos of the genderless trend which says: “You wear what you like”.

As our society moves more and more towards acceptance of all and freedom of expression, the barriers that once restricted jewellery designs have started to come down.

I used a variety of gold metal colours and a combination of diamonds, and so far my pieces have appealed to men and women alike.

The use of organic and geometric shapes in my collections are influenced by nature or powerful symbols, which is why more than 70% of JRS designs are considered unisex and are as attractive to men and women.

As more men are opting to wear jewellery, its important to be aware that consumers may not want to be constricted to gender labels.