Thursday, October 21, 2021
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GUEST COLUMN: Four steps to make your jewellery marketing work for...

Jewellery copywriting specialist Siobhan Maher shares her top tips to maximise sales through effective marketing this Q4

GUEST COLUMN: The future of the jewellery industry

The jewellery market is fast on its way to becoming a truly globalised one, but what will this mean for the industry? Retaissance's Cathie Osborne investigates.

Retaissance’s Buy on Demand service gives jewellers a silver lining in...

Retaissance's Cathie Osborne talks through four of its brands that could give retailers a much-needed boost right now

Second-hand jeweller unveils its top 8 tips for caring for gold...

Manchester pawnbroker and jewellery answers eight frequently asked questions by consumers and other jewellers on gold jewellery maintenance

GUEST COLUMN: Why consumers have to spend more to save on...

Unlike cheaper pieces vintage jewellery is a lifetime investment that will never go out of fashion, writes Chelsea Bijouterie owner Paula Goodsell

INDUSTRY VIEW: What does the new ‘eco-alt bride’ want from her...

Clio Saskia founder reveals the important changes the pandemic has had on wedding jewellery trends and how jewellers and brands can cash in

GUEST COLUMN: What six decades in the diamond industry has taught...

Owner Nilesh Shah remembers visits to diamond and gemstone mines all around the world, but what has he learnt over the years?

GUEST COLUMN: Gem business moves online during the Covid-19 pandemic

Thailand-based gemstone manufacturer Star Lanka tells PJ why going online during the pandemic has not diluted but strengthened its offering to the industry

GUEST COLUMN: 5 ways to make data analysis work for your...

Take after digital-savvy brands like Missoma by implementing this five-step plan from Conjura CEO and co-founder Fran Quilty

GUEST COLUMN: The one jewellery service every retailer needs to add...

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an irreversible shift in consumer spending on jewellery, writes Mike Shotton of Wolverhampton retailer Acotis Diamonds