Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Four fine jewellery trends jewellers should stock in time for Christmas

Bespoke twists on old classics have become popular but what else will consumers demand over the coming six months?

GUEST COLUMN: Can jewellery businesses survive in 2021 without being sustainable?

Consumer demand for eco-friendly products and companies has skyrocketed in recent years, so is it even possible to operate today without complying?

EDITORIAL VIEW: All That Glitters finale spells end of ‘an important...

Whether the show returns for a second season or not, its presence on our screens has shone a very mainstream light on the industry like never before, writes Sam Lewis

GUEST COLUMN: The ‘Power of Now’ with UNOde50

The key to weathering storms in your personal and professional lives is focusing on the here and now, writes UNODE50’S Emma-Louise Gregory, UK and...

INDUSTRY VIEW: Pandora lab-grown diamond controversy is ‘a fruitless argument’ that...

The industry continues to weigh in and pick sides since the somewhat controversial launch of Pandora's Brilliance collection, the company's first using laboratory-grown diamonds. Just...

INDUSTRY VIEW: All That Glitters ‘shone a light on how jewellery...

With the final episode of All That Glitters over and the winner now unveiled, that means one thing: it is the final edition of our...

INDUSTRY VIEW: All That Glitters needs to address its ‘gender imbalance’

Diamonds stole the show in the penultimate episode of All That Glitters, writes Goldsmiths' Company librarian, Eleni Bide. However she worries that the show could be...

INDUSTRY VIEW: Will All That Glitters give public ‘newfound passion’ for...

Does the show have the pulling power to get the public interested in goldsmithing and handmade jewellery, wonders Goldsmiths' Company librarian, Eleni Bide, as...

INDUSTRY VIEW: All That Glitters episode three gets down to ‘what...

Goldsmiths' Company librarian Eleni Bide also asks whether the show does a good enough job of explaining the industry to the casual viewer

GUEST COLUMN: Diamond grading reports – can we trust them?

Just how accurate are the 'certificates' that claim to authenticate a gemstone? Jeweller and qualified diamond grader Robert Robins investigates