Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Welsh Budget could prove desperately needed lifeline to ‘fragile’ retail industry

The Welsh Retail Consortium has made a list of demands of the Welsh Government ahead of its 2022-2023 Budget announcement

GUEST COLUMN: Four steps to make your jewellery marketing work for...

Jewellery copywriting specialist Siobhan Maher shares her top tips to maximise sales through effective marketing this Q4

GUEST COLUMN: 5 ways to make data analysis work for your...

Take after digital-savvy brands like Missoma by implementing this five-step plan from Conjura CEO and co-founder Fran Quilty

GUEST COLUMN: 5 top tips for staff training with Gem-A CEO...

PJ has been receiving floods of reader questions about staff training, and we thought who better to ask than educational specialist Gem-A

GUEST COLUMN: How jewellery brands can use data to improve their...

Luxury sector's transition to e-commerce has made use of proven data and analytics more important than ever, writes Conjura CEO Fran Quilty

GUEST COLUMN: How to ‘bring the magic back’ and maximise sales...

Retailers have made the most of a bad lot during the pandemic, upping their e-commerce efforts as customers were forced to buy online, with...

GUEST COLUMN: Why small businesses should take a ‘more the merrier’...

Some brands may mesh with your own more than others though, advises Joshua James Jewellery's Shannon Mugford

GUEST COLUMN: Why sustainability should be priority number one for any...

Customers are showing an increasing preference for companies with sustainable practices, especially in jewellery, but implementing these practices can be easier said than done,...

GUEST COLUMN: How jewellery industry can capitalise on e-commerce boom

NB Diamonds director Nathaniel Bendayan asks what the shift to online retail will mean for the jewellery industry, to which the in-store sale and experience has historically been so important

TOP TIPS: Doing business better with Jolyon Marshall

The Jolyon Marshall managing director says people make the difference in business, even when we cannot see one another in person