Opportunity knocks for jewellers that ditch DIY cleaning advice for specialist treatments


New innovations in jewellery care mean that cleaning expensive items doesn’t have to be a time-consuming ordeal – and can offer a lucrative margin opportunity for retailers that build it into their sales proposition.

That’s according to Goodman Bros, UK distributor of Connoisseurs, the global leader in jewellery and silver beauty care behind a raft of specialist cleaning products.

Philip Goodman, director of Goodman Bros, said the treatments it offers can effectively clean jewellery “in a matter of minutes” – and that the best results will always come from matching the product to the application.

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Some jewellery, like pearls, requires one kind of cleaner, while gold and diamonds require another, and silver a different one altogether.

“Using the wrong kind of cleaner on delicate items like pearls, enamelled jewellery and costume jewellery can damage them,” he warned. “Trying to get tarnish off gold or silver by dipping it in a warm bath with soapy water will not be successful and only waste 30 minutes.

“Caring for jewellery is not a matter only of cleanliness, but safety for the jewellery itself. Cleaning jewellery – like cleaning your teeth, your skin, anything that’s valuable – is not an activity for amateurs or home remedies. Professionals are needed, or the cleaner used by professionals.”

Using an effective, specialised jewellery cleaner will also offer protection for jewellery as trapped dirt will cause wear on the settings, thereby loosening set stones. Uncleaned jewellery will also tarnish and oxidise over time.

Mr Goodman said “shoddy and inaccurate” DIY advice for cleaning jewellery and watches was very common, with the situation not helped by the fact that some retailers and brands carry it on their own websites.

“DIY methods often produce a ‘cleaned’ perception, which are not thorough or effective. For example, Fairy Liquid isn’t specialised, it only leaves a film on jewellery which makes it look sparkly but has not cleaned the jewellery thoroughly.”

Cleaning, polishing and protecting are all vital steps to be achieved as part of a cleaning regime, said Mr Goodman, adding that the products in Connoisseurs’ portfolio are designed to deep clean, polish and provide protection for jewellery by way of an anti-tarnish shield.

“The core reason for cleaning jewellery is often so that it looks beautiful when being worn. It is only with the use of the correct products that the jewellery regains its original lustre and sparkle.”

Traditionally, there has been resistance from the jewellery trade to promote after-care products at the time of the sale of jewellery and watches in the way that other segments of the retail market do.

But while cleaning might not always be at the forefront of retailers’ minds when engaging with customers, Mr Goodman said there was a “golden opportunity” for them to profit from embracing the category with a specialist partner like Connoisseurs.

“Compared to the shoe industry there is a marked difference, where it is expected that you will be offered a specialised after care product at the time of purchase. Additionally, we offer co-branding opportunities for all these items which means that their customers will be reminded of the stores name every time they use them.

“As we know that our products do work and the packaging will continue to look good, we can only predict ongoing benefits of selling these goods,” he concluded.

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