Organisers of the Italian trade show OROAREZZO closed the show with what they described as significant stability.

They went on to say this stability across the three-day exhibition, was symbolic in light of a difficult market.

OROAREZZO 2019 ran from 6-9 April at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, and showcased the best of ‘Made in Italy’ across the three days.


Ugo Ravanelli, CEO of the Italian Exhibition Group, commented: “We have obtained positive results, thanks to the considerable effort made to achieve a single management for jewellery trade shows, which has strengthened the role of the platform IEG aimed for.”

He added: “A management that, at Arezzo, was clearly demonstrated in all its efficiency and which was substantially based on four mainstays: bringing the dates forward according to market strategies, investing, focusing on positioning and developing buyer incoming from abroad.”

The figures confirmed show over 450 guest buyers, traders from emerging and traditional markets, in attendance from 60 different countries due to the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Agency.

500 exhibiting companies representing the best of Made in Italy jewellery production were also in attendance.

Earlier this week PJ reported how trends such as simple pieces, jewellery for each day and inspirations from the sea were amongst the stand-out styles from the three days.

Simple styles, jewellery for every day and inspirations from the sea declared as ‘must-have’ trends