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Ortak returns to former Kirkwall premises


 Revitalised Orkney jewellery brand, Ortak, is relocating back home to its former premises in Kirkwall.

Ortak’s move to the Hatston Industrial Estate, will allow the company to move ahead with plans to expand production and its range of trade services.

Following announcement of the relocation, managing director Michael Gardens explained:  “We were at capacity in our current workshop and had to put plans for further growth on hold because of the space limitations

“When the opportunity arose to rent part of what used to be the Ortak factory and visitor centre at Hatston, we jumped at it,” he added.

The Hatston factory and visitor centre were mothballed after the original Ortak business fell into administration in March of 2013 and was bought over in May 2014.

“This future proofs the business,” Gardens added. “Previously, we had four jewellery benches in our workshop. Now we have 30. Although we’re renting just part of the former Ortak premises, it’s still ten times bigger than where we’re based at the moment, so it’s going to make a massive difference to all the team and to the business. There’s also a strong sense that Ortak is coming home, given the significance of the Hatston building in the brand’s 50 year history.”

Gardens said the new factory would be operational by 1 June, with plans to open the site’s shop in around three weeks. Ortak’s existing retail outlet in Kirkwall’s Albert Street will remain open


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