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Over half of Brits believe men should wear an engagement ring, study finds


A new study has revealed that over a half of Brits would like men to wear an engagement ring as an outward sign of their commitment to be wed.

This is according to a survey conducted by heritage jeweller, William May, who spoke to the British public ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Whilst the jeweller was originally setting out to discover what British women would describe as their perfect an engagement ring, other interesting insights were found as well.

Firstly, Brits don’t believe just women should be wearing engagement rings.

52% of women surveyed said men should wear engagement rings as well, with 32% of men agreeing with this statement.

Furthermore, 42% of females believe women should be equally responsible for getting down on one knee.

As times are changing, and consumers move away from tradition, could women proposing to men become the new normal?

Whether the woman is proposing or not, the idea of men having an engagement ring could provide a lucrative opportunity for British jewellers.

Looking back to the surveys original quest, female Brits describe their dream engagement ring as having a white gold band, with a round cut half-carat diamond, in a solitaire setting.

It’s unsurprising that a classic engagement ring design still dominates, but for women looking for something unusual sapphires and rubies are design gemstones, and Brits are also interested in vintage designs, halo settings, and emerald cut stones.

Lastly, the survey found that almost a third of men believe buying an engagement ring is the most difficult piece of jewellery to buy for a women, but would not want to pop the question without a ring in hand.

Other difficult to purchase items of jewellery included earrings (18%), a wedding ring (15%), a watch (15%), a necklace (9%) and a bracelet (3%).


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