Pandora CCO highlights shift in consumer buying trends

Stephen Fair

Pandora’s chief creative officer Stephen Fairchild says one of the biggest changes in the fashion jewellery industry is the way consumers have now become their own brands.

Most consumers will no longer want to buy into a look they’ve seen online or in an advert, instead they want to create their own style, which reflects them as a brand.

“Each woman is now their own brand and I think that is a big change,” explains Fairchild. “Women may want to buy a Gucci bag or a piece of Pandora jewellery, but it is all about the way they put it together, instead of buying into an editorial look.”

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“Women don’t tend to buy a total look, because each piece is personal. What I see at Pandora is we are imperfection, perfection. Each piece is unique and each woman is unique.”

As the way consumers shop changes, Fairchild stresses the importance of a brand sticking to their DNA and staying true to their own brand. He even highlights Hermes as a good example of a company that sticks to what it believes in, no matter what else is going on around them.

“They [Hermes] don’t jump on the bandwagon, they know their job is to stay true to who they truly are and that’s our job,” Fairchild shares.

“I think we need to expand in the other product categories, and I think we have to understand how women are evolving and their taste in what they wear, but we must always stick to the brand DNA.”

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