This month’s introduction of Pandora’s Rose Collection is the Danish brand’s biggest launch of the year, and will be accompanied by a major advertising campaign across mainstream media.

The collection, which is is made from a rose gold colour metal alloy plated in 14ct rose gold, comprises charms and charm bracelet, pendants and rings.

“The Rose Collection bridges the gap between Pandora’s 14ct yellow gold and sterling silver jewellery, offering an affordable and feminine look which suits all skin tones,” the company says.


The Rose Collection was first presented to retailers at the start of the year, but it was unclear until more recently whether the term ‘rose gold’ would be used in its promotion. There was also some uncertainty over whether the collection of would be gold-plated or not.

Peter Anderson pandora
Peter Anderson, president of Pandora Western Europe.

“Pandora Rose collection is a complex alloy which our design team have worked on over a number of years. For this reason, and to avoid any confusion, we are marketing the new pieces as being ‘A Unique Blend of Metals’. Whilst the products are encased in a layer of rose gold plating, we are avoiding using any terminology around gold so we do not mislead our consumer,” Peter Anderson, Pandora president for Western Europe, clarified to Professional Jeweller.

“Rose-coloured jewellery is a huge trend at the moment, but current gold prices often make it unaffordable for the consumer,” Anderson continued. “At the heart of Pandora is the idea of affordable luxury. We therefore wanted to create a really high-quality product that would not only be popular, but something that would have longevity. What is unique about the Pandora Rose collection is that, whilst it is not solid gold, the colouring will not wear off.”

Although the blend of metals, consisting mainly of copper and silver, is the same colour as rose gold, Pandora still took the decision to gold plate each piece in the Rose Collection. “The jewellery pieces are encased in a layer of 14ct rose gold plating in order to prevent oxidation from occurring and to provide the pieces with a warm and romantic pink colour,” Anderson explained.