Pandora doesn’t deserve all the bad press


Robbie McFadyen of Bdazzled on why he enjoys working with the brand.

By Robbie McFadyen, managing director, Bdazzled

I feel there are too many negative, one-sided stories when it comes to Pandora in the trade. They always seem to get bad press and most of the people who encourage the stories and give their thoughts are more often than not ex-stockists of Pandora who hold a grudge.

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I have dealt with Pandora on two accounts for two years now. I know there are a lot of disgruntled traders in the UK and Pandora has made many enemies, but after my recent trip to Copenhagen with the brand, where I met many current stockists, I feel many of us are reading from the same book as Pandora.

The way that we were treated by Pandora on the trip was excellent. Everything ran very smoothly and it was a huge success. Pandora UK president Peter Andersen made a great effort in entertaining us while we were there and I feel it is not often that someone in his high position is seen having open, frank discussions with retailers. But he really put himself out there and made himself very approachable, along with the rest of his team right down to the regional managers.

I believe Pandora is always quick to be criticised by many people in the trade but I certainly feel many of the changes they made over the last few years have been for the best. As a result I feel our business has gone from strength to strength working alongside them.

I am very happy with where the brand is heading and am glad to be in partnership with them. With so many retailers stating they never would consider having Pandora in their shops, I for one would go back and do it all again.

Yes, Pandora does still have its bead packs that retailers have no choice in taking, but they have really changed the packs to be more suited to the retailers and to what consumers are looking for. Previously it was a mixed bead pack with many products that are not the greatest sellers, but the recent packs – and especially the latest one – contain far more sellable products. If I had the choice to stock it, I would still take on the pack.

I look forward to a very busy year working with the brand and hope to see more positive things said about Pandora in the future.



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