The Company of Master Jewellers’ chief executive Willie Hamilton has said that Pandora has made a greater impact on CMJ members and the wider British jewellery industry than any other brand or business development in the past 10 years.

On the final day at Pandora for Peter Andersen, president, Western Europe, for the brand, Mr Hamilton says that Mr Andersen has been the architect of that success. “The biggest impact on the UK jewellery industry over the past 10 years has been Pandora. Peter has to be credited with leading and shaping that success,” he says.

Danish-born Mr Andersen has been running Pandora from the UK for the past eight years.


“It has been an amazing eight years,” he told Professional Jeweller when news of his resignation broke in July. “A lot has been achieved.”

Mr Hamilton agrees. “I could fill a magazine with the important decisions and initiatives that Peter has had to take but working in partnership with CMJ from the start of his tenure at Pandora has to be one of the most important decisions and initiatives Peter has taken.

“Working in partnership with CMJ and sharing the problems and opportunities that have incurred with such fast pace growth and success, allowed Peter to work with the right independents at the right time and avoided the scattergun stockist approach that so many new brands take when entering the UK market,” Mr Hamilton describes.

The incoming head of Pandora in the UK will be Brien Winther, who is currently president of Pandora Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Hamilton hopes that Mr Winther will continue to value the partnerships established with his predecessor. “The UK market is different to any other market in the world and having a reputation for great team building and bringing success to Pandora in Australia, Brien Winther, will recognise the need (just as Peter has done) to work in partnership with all of us here in the UK, as it’s a different market to anywhere else,” he urges.