Pandora has unveiled a new a partnership with the data consultancy Fifty-five, reports have said.

The team at Fifty-five will work alongside Pandora’s in-house data team to improve its marketing ROI, thought improvements in its digital media strategy and marketing budget allocation.

The head of digital at Pandora, Charles Ashby, said of the partnership: “Pandora deploys media across the full range of digital channels, and it’s critical to understand how they contribute to our sales and branding.


“We are delighted to be working with fifty-five to ensure we have a best-in-class implementation, and to review our processes in the light of changes in the adtech environment and GDPR guidelines.”

The partnership follows Pandora unveiling its new store concept, which has led to a positive impact on traffic and sales.

Fifty-five’s managing director, Richard Wheaton, said: “Pandora is a wonderful brand, and digital media provides a crucial toolset for dazzling customers with their products and inspiring purchase and re-purchase.

“We are delighted to be working with them to gain better insight into the impact of digital media to grow awareness and reach, and to harness this engagement to grow e-commerce and in-store sales.”

Pandora’s new store concept delivers positive results in the UK market