Pandora has released a statement explaining the reason for its high gender pay gap figure.

The jewellery giant, which has the highest gender pay gap of 71.9% among the business we tracked, says the gap has been calculated from a data snapshot taken during April 2017, and does not reflect the full year of 2017.

According to Pandora, the high pay gap in the time-frame measured is mainly due to extraordinary remuneration payments that only occurred in that period, and excluding those payments gives the company mean gender pay gap of 18.82%.


“It is important to note that the gender pay gap statistics do not take into account that store employees are our largest employee group, where more than 90% are women. In office functions where we typically have higher pay levels, we have more even distribution of gender. Mathematically this causes a skewed calculation of gender pay gap, which does not reflect that we pay equal salaries for equal jobs,” Pandora’s UK managing director, Brien Winther, write in a public statement, adding: “In addition we also have a high percentage of women working on a part time basis, which affects our gender bonus gap.”

The jewellery giant reported a gender pay bonus gap of 91.6%. Pandora attributes this to having a high percentage of women working on a part time basis.

During April 2017 the brand’s workforce composition was as follows:

  • 83% of senior management team was female
  • 80.80% of employees work in the company’s stores. 91.58% of them are female
  • 41.6% of employees are part time, female store employees
  • 5% of employees work 12 hours or less per week, and 92% of them are female

“At Pandora we are committed to equal rights and opportunities, and we base all hiring, promoting and rewarding on merits and behviour alone. We continue to onitor our pay structures and opportunities for all staff,” states Winther.

He concludes: “Today 39% of our global senior management positions, i.e. members of the management board, general managers and vice presidents, are women. And we are working to move this further.”

At the end of this month Pandora will publish its gender pay gap figures for April 2018, which its says will be closer to the retail industry average.