In celebration of the jewellery giant’s SS17 collection, Pandora has launched a new multifaceted marketing campaign entitled ‘DO’.

As Pandora takes more steps towards reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable behaviours by championing conscious practices across all areas of production, the brand wanted a campaign which reflects its values and encourages consumers to validate their own beliefs.

The new campaign takes the ‘DO’ out of Pandora and highlights the truth of what the brand does, and how they support women to be true to themselves.


“Pandora is a brand rooted in transparency for more than 30 years, offering authenticity and dedication in our actions for bettering ourselves and others,” explains Minna Philipson, senior vice president and chief markerting officer at Pandora. “The DO campaign and our new collections celebrate and bring this ethos to the forefront, ensuring that together, we are doing what is true to us.”

The campaign encourages consumers to do what they want to do.

As the brand’s jewellery enables women to express themselves and celebrate life’s achievements by telling the world how they think and feel, Pandora wanted a message which encourages customers to take this concept to the next level. By opting for the active word ‘DO’, the main message of this new marketing is one of empowerment – encouraging women to do what they want to do and express who they want to be. An extension to this is that women will also want to validate their beliefs by using Pandora jewels to reflect them.

Encompassing dynamic activations across multiple platforms, the DO campaign features inspiring personalities such as Mamé Adjei, female entrepreneur and America’s Next Top Model contestant. Mentoring young women, pursuing humanitarian work or leading a business, the energetic women introduced in the new campaign embody what DO is all about – doing what you feel is worthwhile, aided by the confidence found through a unique Pandora style.

The new DO campaign is about more role and less model

Enriching the DO sentiment, the jewellery brand has also released today a vibrant TV campaign that highlights the significance of wearing jewellery in line with women’s beliefs to be true to themselves.

“Spring/Summer 2017 products are bright, versatile and strong; like women,” says Stephen Fairchild, senior vice president and chief creative officer at Pandora. “Each piece stands for something positive that women can admire and believe in, in terms of roots, actions and aesthetics. What they choose says something about them.”