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Pandora launches UK exclusive sustainable capsule collection


Pandora has created a sustainable capsule collection, which will be exclusive to the UK market.

The new limited edition line, which will launch on August 8, is called ’Beautifully Different’, and as the name suggests, each piece will be unique.

The collection features vibrant green and red rings, charms, pendants and earrings, which have been created using leftover, re-melted Murano glass and 100% recycled gold. This innovative new way of using up leftover materials creates a unique marbled effect, meaning no two pieces are the same.

Glass is a natural product that can be reclaimed and recycled many times over. When a Murano glass artisan creates a piece of jewellery, a small amount of glass is left over from the production. This leftover glass is collected and melted into new Murano glass rods, which are used to create the Pandora Beautifully Different collection.

Due to the creation process, the line features unique colours and patterns.

Beautifully Different will only be available for two weeks from two exclusive stores: Pandora Leeds White Rose and Pandora Oxford Circus.

View the range here:


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