By Stacey Hailes in Thailand

Jewellery giant Pandora has officially opened its new crafting facility in Lamphun, Thailand, today with a grand ceremony attended by chief execs, the brand’s founder and press.

Representatives of the brand including Pandora’s founder, Per Enevoldsen, chief executive officer, Anders Colding Friis, and chairman, Peder Tuborgh, gathered with press to open the new facility which has been built in Lamphun to double its production volume and strengthen sustainability.


With this, Pandora plans to set new standards in the jewellery industry in terms of scale and speed, and introduce new ways of crafting jewellery in an environment which has already earned the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate.

The facility has been built in just over a year and at the moment hosts 1,500 employees who moved from the brand’s production facility in Bangkok. In the next quarter Pandora plans to hire 500 people from the local area in Northern Thailand, with a goal to have 5,000 staff by 2018.

While production started a few weeks ago, today marks the official opening and the press were treated to a tour of the facility.

The facility incorporates flow principles and semi-automation to reduce leads times by 50%. It is hoped that eventually all Pandora factories will have a lead time of three weeks.

The new facility consumes 18% less energy and 45% less water than conventional jewellery crafting facilities.

The building has been designed to look like the brand’s iconic bracelet and charms.

Vice president and general manager, Lars Rensch Nielsen, said: “We are here to gather today to open one of the most sustainable jewellery facilities in the world without compromising the quality of our jewellery. I have had my part of sleepless nights, but we did it. We did it because we believed in it and Pandora’s management supported and trusted us. Together, we can do.”