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Pandora partners with tech company to improve customer relationships


Jewellery giant Pandora partnered with POS-based technology company Ecrebo to capture customer data and create personal relationships this year.

The collaboration saw Pandora leverage Ecrebo’s digital receipts platform to improve in-store sales revenues through better consumer insights and targeted marketing communication.

Here, Ecrebo shares its case study with the award-winning power brand…


In order to continue producing jewellery and experiences that cater to each of its consumers, Pandora had originally relied upon customer data built up through years of e-store engagement and transactions. However, given the fact that Pandora generates roughly 80% of its revenues in-store, they lacked the same level of data and insight for their in-store shoppers.

They knew they needed to capture in-store consumer data to create a more comprehensive view of their customers, one that understood and catered to the differences between online and in-store shoppers.

The company’s leadership believed they were missing a major opportunity, and ultimately committed to developing an enterprise-wide, channel-agnostic, single customer view of its customers that would help them improve store traffic, stimulate brand loyalty and increase revenue.


In 2016, Pandora decided to enhance the digital capabilities of its in-store consumer data and marketing processes with Ecrebo’s digital receipts delivery platform. This allowed them to provide a more convenient service to its customers while helping the business generate and leverage robust and real-time consumer profiles to deliver a more personal experience.

For Pandora, the main benefit to using the Ecrebo platform has been the data-driven opportunity for their marketing team to build detailed profiles of each customer and create more targeted marketing messages and communications that drive long-term loyalty. Today, in addition to a large database built on online sales, they can capture email addresses at the point of sale to support their bricks and mortar business on a large scale, in a natural way which also benefits customers.

Benefits for customers

60% of Pandora sales are purchased as gifts, so it is especially important that customers have permanent access to their sales receipts. With Ecrebo, Pandora is able to offer customers the option to receive a digital receipt via email for their in-store transactions, which include targeted marketing messages, an option to opt-in to receive regular newsletters and a request for customer feedback.

Benefits for Pandora

Pandora currently captures roughly 35,000 email addresses per week, 30% of which give their consent to marketing emails, which has extended their email reach significantly. In their core owned and operated business, this percentage is even higher, with some stores consistently achieving a 90% digital receipt penetration.

Not only is this one of the most cost-effective ways for Pandora to capture email data, it also allows them to reach a new customer who hasn’t shared their data with them previously because they don’t typically interact with them online. In fact, Pandora has captured in excess of one million customer email addresses in stores since deploying Ecrebo’s technology.


The insight gained through e-receipts enables Pandora to understand more about their in-store customers and how they shop: what they buy; how frequently; what they spend; whether they tend to buy on promotion; whether they are buying gifts, and more.

Having access to this level of customer data at the point of sale gives Pandora insight into their in-store customers’ behaviour which they didn’t have access to previously. This data is used to inform marketing decisions, improve media targeting, and to link to their loyalty programme, the Pandora Club. Creating a highly specific picture of each of customer directly impacts their ability to develop more intelligent business strategies.

What’s more, from a CRM perspective, they are able to segment customer and business data more effectively and deliver a more personalised experience to their customers. This improved segmentation will allow Pandora to personalise the shopping experience based on each customer’s previous purchase behaviour. Ultimately, this will promote repeat purchases and build brand loyalty.


With Ecrebo’s technology, Pandora can access all the information included within the digital receipt, allowing them to segment their email marketing based on spend, product category, basket frequency and lifetime consumer value. On average, these segmented and more personalised campaigns achieve a 10% higher open rate and a 5% higher click-through-rate compared to other emails.

Additionally, the ability to use dynamic copy within the digital receipt allows Pandora to include the store name within the email signature, serving the customer content relevant to their most recently shopped-in store, and providing a location-specific context for future email communications. Offering this more personalised email experience has helped Pandora increase the share of revenue email generates to the business by 2% (based on a 28-day attributed customer journey), and drive increased traffic across the store footprint.


A key component of Pandora’s long-term strategy is to offer all customers a best-in-class personal shopping experience. This has allowed the individual store teams to use Ecrebo as the key tool to understand how they are performing. For example, they can collect top line feedback using three different icons on the digital receipt (happy, neutral, sad), in addition to NPS and verbatim comments from customers.

Roughly 20% of customers provide feedback on their in-store experiences. In a single week, Pandora has seen 98.5% positive feedback, proving the success of their high-level competitive mission. All feedback, positive and negative, is then shared with the store manager who uses the information to improve operations and service within each location. The verbatim comments are printed out in stores and pinned up in the back-of-house area of each store, so staff always have customer experience at the front of their mind. This information is also shared with head office as well.


Across the enterprise, Ecrebo’s digital receipts are seen as an important tool, improving outcomes in marketing, CRM, sales, retail and merchandising. The data that gets captured through digital receipts gives them greater visibility over their customers and presents a huge opportunity to the business.

Approximately one third of Pandora’s customers take the option of a digital receipt currently, but this number is increasing steadily, and they expect to achieve a 40% digital receipt penetration rate over the next year.

As this initiative matures and develops, Pandora is looking forward to using the data they capture from e-receipts to create more personal communications and experiences for their shoppers and continue building an unrivalled brand loyalty in the jewellery industry.


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