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Pandora praises ‘simple’ workplace safety tech as staff return post-Covid


Pandora has spoken out about its use of a workplace safety platform in order to improve the safety of its employees and customers post-pandemic.

This comes as the jewellery giant’s Baltimore, MD corporate office currently in the process of reopening.

The Appian Workforce Safety solution is being used nationwide by the Pandora US team.

Pandora Americas deployed the cloud solution early in the pandemic to help the company prevent Covid incidents and the closure of its retail stores.

“Our top priority is the safety of our employees and customers, especially now as our offices re-open,” said Luciano Rodembusch, general manager for Pandora North America.

“While we’ve continued to stay close to local authorities and follow CDC guidelines, Appian Workforce Safety has been an integral part of our COVID response strategy.

“We are confident that using this platform is a practical, simple and non-invasive way for us to collect the pertinent health and vaccine status information we need to ensure we are equipped with the most reliable data to make the best operational decisions we can.”

The Appian solution enables individuals to complete a simple self-screening before leaving home, freeing Pandora store managers from the daily burden of screening employees.

Approved employees receive a mobile pass that the store manager scans when the employee arrives at work. The solution maintains a record of each of these requests, approvals, and denials, as well as COVID incidents, for strong compliance and documentation should a case arise.


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