Pandora turns focus on men in 2015 marketing


Pandora president of Western Europe, Peter Andersen, talks to PJ.

Pandora will focus its energy on supporting and encouraging men to buy its products for their loved ones in 2015, according to president of Western Europe Peter Andersen.

In an exclusive interview with Professional Jeweller, he commented: “I think all men need help, so we were happy to help men around Christmas and we had a lot of marketing activity around men for Valentine’s Day. What you will see in 2015 is a focus on men because a very large proportion of our sales come from gifting, and of course it would be nice to encourage men to buy more for their partners.”

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For Christmas 2014, Pandora launched its #PandoraWishes campaign, designed to allow its female fans to create a shopping wish list that could be shared with others, specifically their male partners, via social media. The campaign was supported by three celebrity couples.

Turning to the self gifting market, Andersen admits that the brand’s flourishing rings sector is helping to encourage more women to buy pieces for themselves, rather than waiting for special occasions.

He explains: “Rings are more difficult to gift because we are talking sizes. With charms and beads we are not talking sizes, even thought there may be a size on the bracelet, it is not as specific as rings. This makes the rings category a great opportunity for self gifting.”

Self gifting has also increased since the brand introduced its new ‘touch-and-feel’ display counters – allowing customers to try on pieces easily without needing to ask a member of staff for cabinet access. “I think that is part of the reason why we had such a good ring year in 2014,” Andersen adds.

Building on this success, Andersen admits the brand is looking in to iPad apps and devices that could support ring sales, such as interactive ‘try-on’ services.


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