Pandora believes that online search activity is having a bigger impact on in-store footfall than it might be credited for – and has partnered with tech giant Google to explore ways it can exploit the behaviour to boost sales.

The tie-up will see the jewellery giant work with both Google and SEO specialist Epiphany in what is a first-of-its-kind UK project to track the way search activity influences in-store footfall.

Helen Harris, head of digital marketing and e-commerce at Pandora UK, believes the project, which covers 90% of Pandora’s 210 stores in the UK, will shed valuable light on the journey that customers take before purchasing its products.


“We’re still a predominantly store-based business,” Harris told marketing website The Drum. “We’ve only been selling online for four years, but online sales already account for over 10% of overall sales. We had a hunch that search was driving in-store footfall and sales but we didn’t know for sure. This new tracking project has given us the ability to confirm just how much store footfall online activity is driving, so the initial results have been really interesting and informative.”

Data crunched from the initial tracking that Pandora has done so far has found that mobile in particular is driving in-store traffic, and it’s very local-based, Harris revealed.

“We also know that there’s a big impact before major holidays, so search drives more in-store traffic around seasonal events. This initial stage is about collecting the tracking data; the next stage will be about how we use this to our advantage to implement testing and optimise our digital marketing activities.”

Harris said the project has raised an interesting challenge for the future – namely how does Pandora  optimise its search campaigns for both driving footfall in-store and online sales.

Christel Hansen, industry manager at Google, said embracing the omnichannel reality is key to future success. “It’s important that companies like Pandora are willing to keep testing and learning to become closer to the customer of today. Google store visits reporting is now getting us one step closer to understanding the full value of digital and omnichannel.”