O’Clock exhibit explores relationship between time and design.

Italian watch brand Panerai has teamed up with the Triennale Design Museum in Milan to present O’Clock: time design, design time, an exhibition of timepieces curated by Silvana Annicchiarico and Jan van Rossem.

The exhibit explores the relationship between time and design, which it says are complex and can reveal “surprising perspectives, both aesthetically and functionally”.


The show has been put together to answers the questions “How can time be measured?”, “How can passing time be shown?” and “How can time be experienced.

Panerai has been involved in the orchestration of the exhibition and for its inauguration artist Patricia Urquiola created an installation called I mondi di Officine Panerai – The worlds of Officine Panerai – which uses poetry and creativity to displays the characteristics of Panerai watches.

Panerai has also been involved with some of the most- nticipated designs at the show – the world premiere of new works by Damien Hirst, who has used Panerai dials to create his Beautiful Sunflower Panerai Painting and Beautiful Fractional Sunflower Panerai Painting, two works that utilise the spin painting technique.