Parify Lighting has responded to an EU directive which banned the import or manufacture of incandescent light bulbs.

September 2018 saw the final stage of this directive complete, with the UK government confirming earlier this year that from September 1st 2021, it will apply to British shores too.

With a one-month transition allowance, Government confirmed that further restrictions will also be introduced from September 1st 2023.


Included within the list of light bulbs which “cannot be placed on the market” is the 12V Halogen Spotlight Bulb (MR11, MR16) and the similar GU10 (See below).

Parify explained: “It is very important to state that the term ‘cannot be placed on the market’ does not mean that these light bulbs cannot be sold, the legal definition means that goods already in suppliers’ warehouses are already considered as ‘on the market’ and are allowed to be sold after these dates.”

In overcoming this obstacle, Parify has developed the Prail 7w Recessed Downlight as a direct replacement for these halogen lamps of the past included on the EU Directive.

Priced at £35 + VAT and now available with ActivWhite technology, the Prail 7-2 offers multiple options of beam angle, housing colour, intensity and light colour (CCT).

The business added: “In short, the Prail range is a model to suit your specific requirements. With a combination of COB LED and high output reflector, the ‘Superbrite’ range of lighting ensures that with low energy, our lamps out perform all other halogen lamps, at a vastly reduced wattage.

Adding: “Supplied with Lifud Driver as standard with 3-year guarantee.”

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