Parify Group and VM and Events LTD have joined forces to develop a new collaborative refurbishment package for UK jewellers.

The new service brings together both brands’ expertise in product jewellery display, lighting and visual merchandising, to offer jewellery retailers a complete single package when it comes to store refurbishments and refit projects.

In addition to offering full store refits, layout reviews and new technology to enhance window and cabinet displays, the refurbishment packages will include high-level professional merchandising, events and promotions throughout the year and during peak buying times.


The new offering comes as International Jewellery London joins the growing list of jewellery events and trade shows to cancel in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, and aims to give independent jewellers new options to promote their brand and products.

Suzanne Robinson, owner and managing director of VM and Events LTD, says: “With the recent announcement that International Jewellery London will not go ahead this year, we are keen to support the industry with In-store events and brand promotions through the coming months to maximise customer experience and improve sales”.

“I am excited about the collaboration and the support we can provide to retailers during these unprecedented times,” adds Scot Walker, owner and managing director of Parify. “Successful jewellery retail outlets plan everything around the customer – store re-fits and fresh, creative merchandising can have transformative results for your brand and sales. We’re offering our services across every element of the retail experience – from the windows to the till – and are looking forward to working with the UK’s independent jewellers to build exciting new spaces”.

Jewellers interested in the new package can get in touch with Parify Group for a free consultation.

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