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Parify launches compact sterilising solution for jewellers


The Parify Group has launched a new compact LED UV steriliser, tailored to jewellery and watches, which operates at a 260-280nm wavelength to destroy the DNA of bacteria and germs quickly.

Sourced using suppliers within Parify’s existing LED supply chain, the steriliser is designed to be lightweight, portable and compact, whilst being able to fit most jewellery sizes.

The launch comes as The British Retail Consortium publishes its reopening guidelines for UK retailers, which includes steps to maintain social distancing, alongside suggestions such as installing cleaning stations with hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes at the front of stores.

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Parify’s solution aims to work alongside the BRC’s recommendations to help reduce the risk of transmission via jewellery pieces and watches by allowing jewellers to sterilise products before and after a customer tries them.

Owner and Founder of the Parify Group, Scot Walker, says: “While the UK is still in lockdown, parts of Europe are beginning to reopen their retail spaces for business, with jewellers in Germany trading again this week. Open retailers are now required to wear masks or face shields, sanitise products, clearly mark safe distances and use sneeze screens across their premises.

“The BRC has suggested that UK retailers will be taking a similar phased-approach to reopen their store portfolios in light of stock availability, customer demand, and staffing. Now’s the time to begin preparing the retail sector. Protecting staff and customers and creating safe and comfortable environments in our high street stores should be our top priority post-lockdown. We are committed to helping the industry get through this crisis and are working to secure other solutions to improve the safety of UK retail spaces over the coming weeks.”

The Parify UV Steriliser is now available for order.


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